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It’s all gone Pete Tong

Rated: R Running Time: 90 Minutes Year: 2004 At first, I thought this was an actual dramaization of a real story…the movie implied it and all the DJ's talking about him like he was real implied it. However after some reasearch I did find out that this is in fact not real. This is a […]

My Name Is Earl

Karma, it's that thing that makes people do the right thing, for fear of a backlash of something bad happeneing to them. It is what is making Earl Hickey do the right thing or putting right what was once wronged… That is in the simplest terms what the show "My Name Is Earl" is about, […]

The Snius Show Meets Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park

Rated: Made of TV Running Time: 96 minutes Year: 1978 Now this movie by iteself could be worth the title of worst movie of 1978, so I feel it be very fitting to be done by The Sinus Show. I guess the story goes this was a made for TV movie that gained popularity outside […]

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Rated: R Running Time: 116 Minutes Year: 2005 First off I have been really really busy at work, and I am slowed down a but so I can finally write this review…and more to come, I have quite a few backed up so hopefully I can crank a few out this week. Funny movie… Actaully […]

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