The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Rated: R

Running Time: 116 Minutes

Year: 2005

First off I have been really really busy at work, and I am slowed down a but so I can finally write this review…and more to come, I have quite a few backed up so hopefully I can crank a few out this week. Funny movie… Actaully a pretty funny movie. I found it to be…how you say…not giving a fuck about being PC. Which was very very nice. Long ago in a time called the 80's there were movies about sex, and boobies and had girls take off thier shirts for no reason. They had parties and bad guys and stuff like this. It is mostly gone now, and I am not saying this movie was like an 80's comedy sex romp, but I will say that it didn't seem to care about who was gonna say what after they watched the movie. It was equally racist, and not-pc in pretty much every way, all while twisting it up into a nice little romantic comedy…sort of. It was long, a little too long for a comedy. I think also it was a bit more guy centric than for the ladies it got a bit crass in some sections and had a lot of things about cheating and drilling the ladies and it could be a little too much if you are thinking date movie or anything like that. However me and libs brother both thought it was really funny and were laughing throughout the movie. The cast was a good group of guys who played off of each other really well. Paul Rudd was very good as per usual and I just had a good time with the guys and thought it to be a very real, very possible series of events and was really someting that a lot of people could find to in thier own lives. And there were some boobies in it, but not tons. Rentable for sure, keep the kids away. P.S. If you were wondering, I looked it up and the waxing scene was real. I thought it was. And it was and that is awesome.

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