The Snius Show Meets Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park

Rated: Made of TV

Running Time: 96 minutes

Year: 1978

Now this movie by iteself could be worth the title of worst movie of 1978, so I feel it be very fitting to be done by The Sinus Show. I guess the story goes this was a made for TV movie that gained popularity outside of the US and became an actual movie that audiences saw in other countries. It is pretty terrible, bad acting, bad boring script, slow scenes, terrible fighting and KISS as the main focus. It was shot in Magic Mountain, but that didn't save it at all. I do not think it is available for rental. Not that you should ever consider renting it. So we sat down in our normal seats at the Alamo and Germ is playing the guitar and there are KISS clips playing before the movie. There was some really funny stuff in there. Kiss on the Michael Douglass show and old videos and other things. It really was intersting stuff. We ordered our pizza and the lights dimmed and Jon, Germ and Owen took to the stage. What we found out was this was the first Sinus show performance for Kiss meets the phantom of the park. They warned us that it might not be the best show to come too, but we figured it would be all right. And it was well…all right. The introduced the drinking game, which was better than red dawns and allowed for more consumption, so that was a plus for sure. The movie is very slow, and while certain movie they do are bad movies (Crossroads) they are not SLOW moving so there is a lot of material to work with and a lot of possible jokes. With this movie, there was very little dialogue, and it just dragged. This made it so the guys were not able to make a ton of jokes, becuase there was nothing going on to comment about and really left it only to be a so-so performance for a Sinus show. We had gotten about an hour into it when it was time to STOP THE MOVIE! KISS? Germ and Owen This is where it did get a bit funny. Owen was dressed up like…KISS? I guess he was wearing huge platforms and he couldn't stand up in them at all and kept falling it looked like he almost broke his ankle but it was really funny. The skit went on for a bit and we had some solid good laughs from that. But overall the movie was not even bad in a good way to recommend this sinus show as a must see.

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