My Name Is Earl

Karma, it's that thing that makes people do the right thing, for fear of a backlash of something bad happeneing to them. It is what is making Earl Hickey do the right thing or putting right what was once wronged… That is in the simplest terms what the show "My Name Is Earl" is about, not much to it really, just a guy, his brother, and a list. No laugh track, no studio audience, more like a mini movie than a sitcom, and so worth it to watch. For a series premeire it was very low key…it did have a little marketing, but nothing over the top, just like the show. It was about as real I think as anything on TV is nowadays. It was wonderfully written, smart and crisp while being able to keep a lot of different audiences watching, at least for this season. Jason Lee, our man from Kevin Smith's grooming has aged into a wonderfully complete actor, with amazing skill and range to portary his character to be a wonderfully likeable asshole who is trying to make the wrong things right, all while keeping Earl, Earl. Additionally Ethan Suplee is a wonderful decision, who I think is just great. Jamie Prestly was wonderful, she might have been my favorite character, and then the guy from the Office Max commercials as the crab man to round it out. I think this show is gonna be a hit, I liked it very much and have set it to record all season.

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