It’s all gone Pete Tong

Rated: R

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Year: 2004

At first, I thought this was an actual dramaization of a real story…the movie implied it and all the DJ's talking about him like he was real implied it. However after some reasearch I did find out that this is in fact not real. This is a fictional story. But I do have to say that this is such a real story that if you didn't know that you would think it was real. However even though the reality of the story helps send the message through, this as a movie is only so-so. The main character, played the part of superstar DJ, gone coked up crazy, gone tragedity is quite good, and portrayed the image very well. However we have see this image so many times before that for the first half of the movie I was pretty bored with the story…superstar all drugged up, with bitch wife, and horrible super star life. YAWN. Additionally it did not help that the character "Frankie Wilde" was not that great to look at at all. His teeth were horrible. As it progressed I was really not that into it, and then a change happend. It got more tragic, and yet, clearer. It cleaned up it's act about half way through and started heading to a resolution. This helped out a lot and the subject matter was interesting to me. Around the DJing world. I left the movie changed just as the main character did half way through and the whole outlook on the movie changed. In the end I felt a quite bit better about the whole thing, but so-so acting, and a bit too much of the same old same old could't make this movie great. But it wasn't bad. I don't think you should think about renting unless you are into the DJ scene and need to see it.

  • this movie was predictable however it was still enjoyable. and i would deffinatly reccomend it to any music/dj fan

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