Lords Of Dogtown

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 107 Minutes Year: 2005 Powell Peralta is one of the biggest names in skateboarding. The owner of the company and creator or The Bones Brigaide, Stacy Peralta wrote this movie and made the documentary, "Dogtown and Z-boys." It seems like he got optioned to sell the story again as a movie, to be remade after the documentary got all buzzed at Cannes. I have seen both, the doc, and now the movie "inspired" by the true story. Stick with the documentary. Skip this. This seems to be the always overdone superstar lost control fame and break up make up movie except this time it is with skateboards instead of with guitars. It is a typical story that is not nearly as well done as the documentary, and really does not provide more than a bunch of punks who were in some skate competitions. There is some nepetisim on the casting to put [tag]Johnny Knoxville, Tony Hawk, Stacy Peralta[/tag] and [tag]Mitch Hedburg[/tag] in the movie for a few minutes each. But other than this, it really is just terrible. While Stacy did well with the truth in the documentary, the inspired by story, is anything but. It is ugly, scattered, and doesn't know who it is trying to focus on, or bringing forth a point. And if it doesn't have anything to deliver but the story of thier lives, then the documentary did a much better job. The acting was sub standard for almost everyone in it, but they were kids, so I guess you can not expect too much. The film was overexposed (I am assuming on purpose) to give some sort of something to the movie, I didn't get it and found it to be annoying and not innovative. I could not get into the movie at all, I really found it to be just another sad story of a superstar or stars who fell apart and then found themselves again in the end. It is so overdone that you really have to come through with something great for that same old story to be interesting anymore.

  • Anonymous

    i love stacy péralta

  • enjoyed the lord of dogtown however it was a bit sad and also the late great heath ledger was once again excellent. rip heath

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