High Tension

Rated: NR Running Time: 89 Minutes Year: 2003 French. This is a french horror/suspence film. It got the big boost in America for some reason and hit the box office here. I skipped it, we were seeing other movies, I am sure, it got added to the queue and released just in time for Halloween. I heard it was good, I always here they are good. They usually never are. We re-named this movie, Dumb Cunt. Is the movie good? Maybe. Is it bloody? Yes. Is it french? Very. Is it very smart? No. Is it worth the rental? I really don't know. Throughout the movie we were rather upset at the stupidity of the main character. She is running around making dumb as fuck decisions and really overall just pissing us off, it made the movie more of a joke than suspenseful. I declare the movie now called Dumb Cunt, and we see what the Dumb Cunt's next move is. All the while it is bloddy and violent and uncomfortable. It is pretty in your face with the blood and guts and such if you are into that. We get to the end, and it kinda explains the dumb girl's behavior, but it almost seemed too little too late to save us from the previous 80 minutes. I was so over it by then, that any finishing plot line I didn't care about anyway. I guess it was generally an ok bloody movie, but I was just put off by the terrible decisions the girl made that it really lost it for me. I think you could probably find some non-french horror movies that are far better, if you are looking for something to rent for Halloween. Rent Saw, if you haven't seen it, it is much better.

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