The Man With The Screaming Brain

Rated: NR Running Time: Short Year: 2005 Produced, Written, Starring and Directed By Bruce Campbell B MOVIE SCALE!!!!! This is the first B movie scale movies on this journal. The B movie rating scale looks at the movie in a whole different way. It knows that this movie is different, allows for things to be less than would be expected from a Studio film. And makes it more about the campyness, humor, and what B movies are really about. At least according to me. So without futher ado… The Man With The Screaming Brain, is something Bruce has wanted to do for 19 years. I guess waiting all that time really didn't make it age well. As opposed to Bubba Ho-Tep which was a bizarre, fun, gross movie. This was nothing but a stale, slow, un-funny trip through Bulgaria, without using anything scary or true about Bulgaria. The movie was actually shot in Bulgaria, for reasons of saving money, but it really didn't make for anything more than a few commie jokes, and smaller cars. I guess the actors whom were "Bulgarian" were actually from there, but it just felt so silly to have gone all that way and really not used the area you were in for nothing more than accents and a couple of jokes. I guess also this movie was a Sci-Fi Production in some way, more like they bought it afterward if it was completed, so there was no swearing and no nudity, or anything over the top gross wise that would have made it better. I just could not get behind this movie in any way. I didn't think it was funny, or interesting, or sexy, gross, scary, fun, exciting, or action packed. It was just there, with Bruce, and Bulgaria, then it was over. I would not rent it. I wouldn't watch it for free on Sci-Fi either.

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