The Boondocks

Rated: TV MA

Where: Adult Swim

Running Time: 30 minutes or 22 not counting the commercials.

After last night's episode I think I am albe to write this review with a bit more cliarity than I would have after the first episode. I wasn't sure what this show was supposed to be after the pilot, but now I think I get it a bit more. At first I thought this was a kill whitey show, with black people viewing a huge diving line between us and them. A line that was so apparent, I felt it to be a bit overbaring and perhaps not really at least what I see occurs in the real world. However I must say I am quite white and not really aware of anything like that, that African American's must endure. I just have never viewed it that way myself. Anyway, so after last night's episode and Libertie and I both laughing a lot about R. Kelly peeing on a 14 year old, I am starting to get the show a little more. And how it works with adult swim's 18-24 white male demographic. It isn't about black's, white's and whatever else. It is about stupid assholes, personal responsibility and someone saying to everyone else, to stop being a dumbass all the time, I don't give a fuck what color you are. Which I think is why I am liking it. The color lines are there, and they are done so much that it is another commentary of all the craziness of it all, us, them, and whatever. It is perfection, I think from another perspective and is pretty damn funny. The creator Aaron McGruder seems pretty angry about a lot of things, racism being one of them, but that is not the only thing they tackle and I think the show is pretty fair and balanced being mad at everyone equally. If you are a dumbass you deserve to be drilled on it, and they do it well here, a little more in your face, that the slick play on that South Park does. This show has been bounced around since 1999, and never picked up due to it being a little too much. As we have found from Adult Swim, that a little too much does extremly well and I think this show is gonna be another one that is going to do better than anyone thought. I would check it out, but if you watch Adult Swim I am sure you already have.

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