Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 2

Format: DVD

One Sentence: I think I am gonna have to say the best season of a television series I have ever seen in my life.

I never watched it, when it was on. It was on the WB, it was the late 90's(TV sucked) and it was based off of a movie, called Buffy The Vampire slayer, staring Luke Perry, and my friends were not into it. I heard rumors of some good show, but I just was not interested, this was the same shit as Dawson's Creek to me, and I just wasn't having any of it. So fuck off, I don't watch it. Fast Forward to 2005, I am 27, I have a gf who is a devout buffy fan, and I am starting to learn she might know a few things. One of the things she asked me to do is start to watch Buffy. (she owns all the seasons on DVD) We started with season 1, I am not writing a review for that, it was good, I give it a 3. That is about all you are gonna hear about season 1. But I saw enough to give it a second season. About a month ago, we started season 2, and well we tore through it, mainly becuase of me. It was as I said above, the best season of television I have ever seen. Period. Better than survivor season 2, better than the Amazing Race season 1, better than Seinfield season 4, and even better than the first season of Lost. This was it, the pinacle of TV viewing and if you have not seen it, well I think it is time to add them to the queue. It was scary, sexy, funny, interesting, a good long story line, a love story line, a season long conflict, and episodes conflicts. It was creative, and out of the box, ever changing and filled with a lot of lore, and nerdy fun for you to totally geek out on. It had buffy in shorter skirts, and lower cut shirts, and cute little Willow starting to learn about love. It began my love of Cordelia, who is purly wonderful in her role. It had everything I think should be in a movie, or this type of show, and it fulfilled every question, statment, or anything I wanted to be done. It really hit all my buttons and knocked the ball out of the park. I can't say enough good things about this season, if you were thinking about renting a TV series then this would be it, start with 1, you need the background, but 2 is truly where it is at!

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