The Real World: Austin

Rated: TV-14

Running Time: 30 minutes

Year: 2005

Boobs: Blurred.

One Sentence: Fuck those guys.

In the end, Neimeiah was yelling, "touch me bitch i'll fucking kill you," with Wes behind him yelling too. They told Rachel that she didn't do anything when she was in Iraq becuase she was just a nurse. They were mad becuase Rachel told Wren that Wes told Rachel that Wes slept with Wren. And so ends the "Real World" I know I am outside of the target demographic, but didn't this show used to be better? With people that seemed more like humans, and not a bunch of worthless pretty kids, that have no hope of doing anything in thier lives after they runined thier images for Millions to see? A bunch of drama creating idiot's. It used to be like 1 drama maker, now they all make thier own drama, and the show is truly bad. It wasn't fun, it wasn't funny, it was terrible, all the way from beginning to end. Dumb kids, making dumb statments, and making dumb decisions. Backstabbing each other and fucking everyone else. Getting thrown in jail and being drunk almost every day. It wasn't real in anyway, thier task wasn't real, they as people are not real, the house they lived in, is not real, and they didn't act real at all. The only good quality in it, is that maybe the 2 hot girls from the show will end up in playboy in the next few months, becuase they were pretty, but aside from that, I doubt even another Austin Real World, will make me watch it. Fuck MTV.

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