Rated: UR

Running Time: 102 Minutes

Year: 2005

Boobs: 2 pairs

One Sentence: The black blind American, takes in the Chinese dog, from the English guy from Glascow, to live with him and his white step-daughter.

I am really not sure what this movie was about. It wasn't like a king fu movie, it was like a family movie with some fighting thrown in. That fighting wasn't very good, short, poorly shot, and not that impressive. As I said in my summary sentence, it was like this big jumbled mess of story about this family and that family, all kinds of different people and how they all ended up in the same place, but it wasn't very interesting and in some parts kinda dragged on. I guess maybe it was a nice change on the different fighting style movies, and why this guy had to fight, but it was just so silly and done with such a quick flash in the pan backstory, that it just didn't really work for me. It seemed like a fairy tale that was trying to hard to be all these things at once, and so we really didn't get any one thing really well. Overall I think the fights were too short and the movie too boring in between. It is rentable for sure. You can check it out and have an ok time, but I think there are better movies out there.

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