Aeon Flux

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 93 Minutes

Year: 2005

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: [tag]Charlize Theron[/tag] studied geckos for her role.

Sorry for the late review, it is a release week and so everything is crazy at work. Now on to the movie! It didn't suck! I know you all are reading this thinking, is he crazy of course it sucked did you see the previews. I know, that is what I thought and then I watched the movie and it did not suck. I would not say it changed my life, but I can stand by and say this movie does not suck. The 55 million dollar budget got stretched FAR, and they put together, a solid sci-fi storyline, and some pretty good shots, and solid action. With the expectations I had going into this movie, I was shocked at how much I liked it. I was expecting a train wreck. I do not know if the story is the same as the actual comic or not, but it was pretty good story. It wasn't that far out of reality and was not overly complex or twisty. It was a conflict with a resolution and it made sence, and it was fun! Added with this is some wonderful action. Good gun fights, lots of ninja action, some cool sci-fi toys, and not a lot of overdone Matrix stuff. Add into it Char, and I think it made for not a bad flick. The acting across the board was pretty bad. Char, while hot, and did well with her movements and fighting still didn't fit the bill as Aeon I do not think, I think maybe an unknown might have done well, but then the movie would not have been as big of a draw, to anyone but fanboys. Angelina Jolie's ex-husband, was ugh, just as bad as he was in hackers, and for the most part the dialogue and acting was not so great, but outside of that, I would say a solid canditate for your queue, and maybe even go see it at the box, if you are looking for something that isn't Harry Potter, or Narnia.

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