"Lazy Sunday" (The Reviews Best Of 2005)

In my first of many best of's for 2005 we start off with the best skit of Saturday night Live, 2005. I started watching SNL 1 year before Will Farrell left the show, I guess that has been about 4 years or so. 2002 is when he left. Since then, I have heard it all, that SNL is terrible, or great, Tina Fey is just a Bush Basher, and isn't funny at all, and that SNL is better than it ever has been. I had seen SNL clips always but never watched it as I have since 2002, and truthfully it might be my favorite show on TV. I find it to be hilarious, fun, funny, smart, and stupid all at once. I feel it writes for me, and that I understand the humor quite well, since I started watching it I have seen Trump in a Yellow suit pimping Trump's House Of Wings. Jude Law as Nikki Hilton. Brittney Spears as a Brittney Basher wearing rave pants. Ashley Olsen telling herself to eat a sandwich, and Lindsay Lohan dressed up as Hermonie with a giant Magnifying Glass outpouring her once great cleavage. This year has been a bit stale as far as the show goes I feel. Tina gave up head writing duties to Seth Meyers becuase she decided to have a kid and was out for the beginning of the season. Mya Rudloph also had a baby and so she is still out. It has been funny, but overall I felt like there was something missing some buzz. However last week's show (Dec 17th) dropped a Digital Short, that is blowing up the internet, and clothing outlets already, there is an article about how it could save Hip-hop on Slate and is one of the funniest I have seen in years. It is called Lazy Sunday, and you can watch it here. At 2 minutes long this awesome music video featuring new kid Andy Samburg and veteran Chris Parnell drop awesome lyrics on a solid beat track, that both make you go FUCK those rhymes are perfection and god damn funny too. We laughed and watched it three times. It is huge too, getting posted on the net just a few minutes later, and being downloaded over 50,000 times in the first day, put up on the home page of NBC, a first for a skit from SNL. If you have not watched it I would highly reccomend it. The Reviews Best of 2005 SNL Skit: Lazy Sunday

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