Jamie Pressly (The Reviews Best of 2005)

Jamie Pressly is The Reviews winner of top female TV actress for 2005 for her role as Joy in "My Name Is Earl" In what seems like perhaps not even an acting job and more like her old life coming back on screen, she plays the evil white trash ex-wife of Earl in my absolute favorite TV character this year. She has been around for a long time, posing naked in Playboy, getting an acting job and boucing aroud from things like "Not Another Teen Movie" and episodes of "Silk Stockings." She landed the role on Earl in what I can only assume was a landslide win over any other possible choice. She makes the show a little bit more grounded, in what seems like a large collection of over the top characters. A trailer park mom, who keeps trying to get her ex-husband to pay for her two kids, which he did not father, while smacking gum, and doing manicures, is so spot on with humor and evil it is just fun to watch. She is also not bad to look at, added her character has little or no taste in anything classy, everything from her hair to her nails, make up and clothing can be so different and so terrible, that it makes it all the more fun. She seems to be born for the role, that perhaps she is just playing herself. It is truly impressive and a great time. Earl is a great show, and has a huge cast of characters, that are silly, fun, and just goofy all around. The non-laugh track show is gaining a following and recently moved to NBC's solid thurday comedy line up, and while I like almost everyone on the show, I think Jamie stands out above everone else on the show and on this seasons new shows (not that I watched that many) but from what I have seen The Reviews gives her the best of 2005 vote.

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