Rated: R

Running Time:85 Minutes

Year: 2005

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Mark Zupan could kick your ass.

Murderball originally started in Canada, and now is named Quad Rugby. Pretty much you put quadrapalegics on the court, and they try to get the ball to the other side of the court, you must pass every 10 seconds, and there is a rival team that can slam thier tank wheelchairs into you to keep you from scoring. Banging, crashing and tumbling are all part of the game and you have to be tough to play. This is the story of some of the members of the U.S. Paralympic team. Luckily this is not a sappy poor me I lost my ability to walk documentary. They touch on those stories, but this is more about the team and the game, which was something I was glad to see. No cop out on the heartstrings, instead they used the story to keep itself up. Unfortuantly it seems that that story wasn't done completly. Checking in at 85 minutes it leaves a little too much out as far as almost everything. It touches here and touches there but never fully has what I felt was enough of any part of the story. There was defantly not enough Murderball footage, with a couple clips from games, no amazing hits, and no one getting hurt, or possibly hurt, which you would expect from a game called murderball. It had a lot too it, it delt with sex, the game, the rivalry with Canada, the people, the accidents, the familys, the girlfriends, the coach, and the life, with so much in there, I would not have minded it being longer, and to finish up a little bit more. The information I got and the stuff I saw was good. One of the guys on the USA team, who became the offical spokesperson of the US Olympic team, Mark Zupan, is from Austin Texas, so that is cool too. Not a bad doc, a lot of other people gave it a lot of rewards at a lot of festivals. I however wished there was a little bit more I felt a little cheated.

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