The top 3 Movies of 2005

First I would like to say that I enjoy movies, I watch them all the time, but I think my point of view is changing at what is "good," no longer do explosions and boobies make a film a 4 star joint, it also now must have something to it, that will maintain that excitment, usually in the form of plot or some sort of emotion on my part. I am still often choosing the kaboom movies over something a little more dialogue based, but things are changing, I also was limited to how many movies I saw this year compared to 2004, I would say about 20% less at least, which really has lessended the rankings overall for the year as I have less to compare it to. The 2005 list only has 3 movies on it as I only feel that these three are worthy of a top of 2005 list. However I am sure there are plenty of movies that could be on this list if I saw them. I am not in the press group yet, so I can not go see movies for free, hopefully I can do that soon. The number 3 movie of the year. In a shock to me, I loved this movie. It was so grand, and very big, and awesome. The acting wasn't bad, and Tom's freak out leading up to the movie made it so much more buzzed. However what truly got me about this movie was how scared I was. I felt scared in the theater, sweaty and jumpy. Wondering what was going to happen, and how it was going to happen. I felt the ending was totally lame, but I just forget that last 3 minutes or so. This movie sits nicely at number 3. Number 2 Amazing footage, an amazing location, and an amazing story that was not scripted, created by man, or changed to fit the US audience. A documentary on the life of the Emperor Penguin in Antartica to breed and live, in what truly seems like Penguin love. A movie that touches your heart and is visually wonderful. Hard to believe it is a real event, but so much better becuase it is. And the number one movie of 2005 according to me… With no doubt in my mind the best movie I saw this year was Batman Begins. It had everything I look for in a movie with awesome villians, a wonderful story that was solid and worth watching. A great CG team and shots that were not overdone and silly. The suspension of disbelief was there, I was into it and I loved it, I really enjoyed this movie it was powerful and fun, scary and truly a batman film all together. I felt as soon as I saw it that it would be my number 1 pick for the year and it has not lost any ground by far.

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