Super Happy Fun Monkeybash DX Gaiden

Rated: Japan Super Adult Fun Times

Year: 20XD

Running Time: Shorter than Godzilla vs Mothra

Boobs: Yatta?

One Sentence: Super Happy Fun Monkeybash DX Gaiden!!!!

All this month at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown on Monday's at 7PM, they are showing all 4 monkeybashes for a dollar. We missed the first one but went to volume two. BUY SUJUKI SAN SEWEED RICE TREATS ONLY 30YEN BY BANDAI! For a dollar you can't go wrong. I have to say it was weird, but I guess we expected it to be weird, and we had a genrally good time. ONLY PICKACHU BRAND RICE BALLS ARE THE BEST RICE BALLS FOR YOUR PICKACHU RICE SOUP YOU WILL LOVE IT EAT PICKACHU BRAND RICE BALLS! It was very loud though, i mean really loud, they had the speakers up and we could not understand the server at all. We leaned in and still could not hear her. I left with a headache. YOU TOO CAN FIGHT THE EVIL DRAGONS OF DRAGON QUEST WHEN YOU EQUIP YOUR DRAGON LANCE ELECTRONIC DRAGON LANCE! I would say that I did have a fun time there was these set of skits about a manequin family and the little boy's name was Mikey and it was really funny, becuase my name is Mikey and I laughed a whole bunch good time. PUT ON MANDOM MAN COLOGNE IT IS THE MANINEST OF THE MAN COLOGNES AND MAKES YOU LIKE A MAN! There are 2 more monkeybashes the next two monday's at the downtown Alamo for a dollar, it almost sold out so might wanna buy it online for the extra dollar service charge at if you do not live in or near austin then you can not go. I had enough fun that we might go again next week.

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