Underworld: Evolution

Rated: R Running Time: 105 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: One Pair One Sentence: This vampire movie, really didn't have too many vampires in it. I did not really like the first Underworld. It looked cool, but did not have a lot to it for what I wanted it to be. It was a lot of story that didn't really make a lot of sence to me and was just blah. So I do not know what made me want to go to the theater again to see this one. I guess I have not been to the theater in a while and Kate just really does look great in that vinyl outfit. This movie was a lot better than the first I thought. It wasn't twisty or tried to be smart or anything like that. It has a simple story, it stuck to it, and you knew who was bad and who was good and there was a lot of fighting and action and blood. Good job guys! Is it bad to say that, that this movie was good becuase it wasn't complicated? It was just pretty much, good costumes, good sets, good lighting, good fights, good Kate in her outfit, and out of her outfit showing almost all her goods, and was just simple. I like to just watch something fun and pretty every once in a while. And this was good family time fun, but don't bring the family it was a total gore fest. One thing that Lib pointed out was that there were not any vampires in this vampire movie. And she is right. Selina (Kate) was a vampire, and so were her people, but they didn't do very many vampire things, it was a lot of guns and a lot of fighting, but not that sexyness that comes with the vampire story. It seemed more like a speical ops group fighting a bad guy demon thing, kinda like Resident Evil. Outside of that, I had a good time with it, and would rent it for sure.

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