Rated: R Running Time: 94 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Not even [tag]Ryan Reynolds[/tag] can save us from the suck. Wrapping up my all suck movie weekend we watched Waiting sometime this last week. I had faith in [tag]Anna Farris[/tag], who I loved in Scary Movie, I also think she is cute. Also Ryan, who is pretty awesome in anything he does. I was thinking this movie really could go either way and really had the potential to do something great. And by great I mean shitty, but enjoyable, not great like Shawshank. Instead it was shitty shitty. And by shitty shitty I mean not really a good movie. I hate like gross out stuff, like poop and puss, and spit and things that come out of your body that are not being shot onto a naked 19 year olds face. This movie was filled with stuff like that and adding food into the mix really did not keep it into the higher star rankings. At least for me, if you are into that type of stuff then go for it. For me, yea, it was just dirty. The whole movie felt that way, like unwashed dennys tile floors being rubbed against my face while gravy came out of a dirty toilet pipe and covered me from head to toe. Just not a fresh feeling. And this might have been ok if it was funny enough to save it, but it wasn't funny really either. Kind of slow, stale plot, forced jokes that some came off with a chuckle, but most didn't hit the mark at all. After reflection of the movie I just was like ugh, that was really bad. And again the whole gross thing doesn't really work for me. Also we are talking about a crude R rated movie here, and what do I expect when I am watching a crude R rated movie, nudity, and I got some gross unshaven box shot, but nothing hot, nothing gratuitous, and certain no boobies. What is wrong with America, do you not like boobies anymore, what is up with this! Rated R! The whole movie has sex jokes, dick jokes, fart jokes, spitting in food jokes, that all sucked and you couldn't get some girl to even take off her top for whatever reason. Pathetic. Don't rent this movie. Save yourself the frustration and sick feelings. 00002ebt

  • Food_GUy420

    This movie is excellent, it is Office Space for restaurant people. Tits and cooch does not a good movie make. Maybe if you could turn the porn off for a second, and stop thinking that EVERYTHING is about naked chicks, you would develop some brain cells to actually think with, not just jerk off with.
    You are an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah man, this is a great movie, one of my favorites for sure. I don’t understand why you think it sucks, there is lots of clever humor and well, the stuff guys like. This movie is definitely not what you say it is.

  • Great post.
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