Rated: R Running Time: 95 Minutes Year: 1983 Boobs: 3 pairs One sentence: Remember everyone she is 18 in this movie. Remember that academy award winning movie I said I was going to write a review about? I bet you didn't think it would be Flashdance. Which won an academy award for best song. It also was nominated for a Golden Globe for best movie of the year Musical or Comedy. (But also a razzie for worst screenplay) Now while I agree that the song, and all the music in this movie is actually quite good, this as a movie, with a story, should not win best anything ever. This movie has no dialog. No back story, no romance, no interesting characters, and so little dialog that you have no clue what is going on with anyone or why they would do anything as they are doing it. The main character is 18 years old, and I guess is getting old, or something, and has to make it in the world, but dreams to be a dancer at the academy. She ends up dating the owner of a construction company, and after telling him no she doesn't want to date him quite a few times, fucks him after 1 date for pizza. So there is this poor 18 year old dancer/welder fucking a 36 year old guy that has never had a dance class in her life, who is like a dancer at this club, and deals with the stress of dating a guy in a Porsche, and living in an amazing loft. There are some other very short uninteresting sub-plots in there as well, but they suck too. Most of this movie was terrible, but it is not getting 1 star and I will tell you why. Maniac, and the rest of the songs from this movie. These songs, really were some of the biggest electronic pop hits of the early 80's. What a feeling, Maniac, and whatever else is on there. You know them all and they were all huge. The soundtrack is one of the best selling ever, and sold 700,000 copies in the first 2 weeks of release. The other reason is the dancing, which is actually quite good. Some inventive scenes made for quite a good range of dancing from pop, to break dancing to ballet. These two things were in my opinion quite solid parts of the film, but the rest of the story was so substandard it really would have been better as some music videos from the 80's instead of an actual movie. 00002ebt

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