The Aristocrats

Rated: NR Running Time: 89 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: So I have this act, I pretend I am able to write movie reviews and I expect other people to read them, they really do not provide much insight into anything, but I think they are good, and sometimes, I even rhyme. Well what do you call your act? The Reviews! So I am into comedy, the act of comedy, as in stand-up, jokey jokes, and anything that has really to do with the comedy scene. I have been going to comedy clubs for a long time, and really just enjoy anything to make me laugh. So it was with quite a bit of shock that I have never heard of the joke. I don't think I have ever heard it either, it might really have been forgotten. As it really is a terrible joke. But either way, I am gonna watch this movie, it's about comedy and has comedians in it. I love that shit. So the movie might have been a little to inside joke. While I felt it was funny, and I did laugh at some of the versions of the joke. I really do not feel it was the funniest movie of the year. Parts of it felt a little too much like a poorly shot conversation between two old buddies and left the audience going, what the hell is going on here, get to the point you old bastard. Sometimes the jokes were funny, others, it seemed like maybe the comedians were posturing. However even with all that I would say it was very interesting. It seemed like everyone in the world had heard this joke, and I had never heard anything about it, so to even just hear the story of it I felt was quite interesting. It was like a little peek into the secret world of comedy. I can't say that you will have a great time with this movie, if you can think of the far end of the vulgar spectrum as far as descriptive jokes and you find that area a little offending, then you might want to skip this movie. It can be at times a bit too much for the weaker ones out there. If you like comedy and the history of it, I think this is a very interesting look. But again I wouldn't say funniest movie of the year. 00003ayd

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