The War of the Worlds

Rated: Approved Running Time: 85 Minutes Year: 1953 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: No Tom Cruise in this one. Keeping with our Academy Award winning films for Oscar time. We review The War of the Worlds, the original film created in 1953. It won an Academy Award for best special effects in 1953. The budget for the movie was 2 million dollars. 600,000 was spent on live action, the other 1.4 Million was all special effects. I would say that for 1953, they were actually quite good. It is also a wonderful reference compared to what was nominated this year. The movie itself, is as classic as can be, with a square dance, and wholesome folks. The type who have stars in their eyes over a fallen meteor that is gonna help them get their names in the paper. Where ladies serve doughnuts, and men fish. Where the Marines protect America, and Los Angeles had a much smaller downtown area. Until… I was surprised at the extremely helpless feel that was portrayed here as was the remake. I really thought it would have been more like were American's we can do anything, and defeat even advanced beings from Mars. I didn't cop out however, and carried a dismal feel throughout the whole movie, something that really could have grabbed hold in that time and really scared the audience. While we were at home watching and laughing a bit over the visible wires on the spaceships, and the dialog, we were also able to recognize that this movie is awesome for it's time and well worth a watching, if you are into classics at all. Truly Sci-Fi, truly scary for the time, and quite good, and the type of movie that I think even the kids could watch, maybe. 000043hh

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