Black. White.

Rated: TV-14

Running Time: 1 hour

Channel: FX Time: Wednesday 9PM CST

One Sentence: White and Black people get to go out as the other race and then they argue about it.

We caught "Black. White." last night we were going to watch it the first week but were doing other things. So the premise here is a white mom, dad and teen, and a black mom, dad and teen all live in a house together. They also do certain things as the other race, they have a team of make up artists, that make the people look the other race. The experiment or reality is to see the race issue from the other side. Executive Producer is Ice Cube. We were peaked by this show becuase we thought that it might actually shed some light on some racial issues, and who knows what could come out of it. I was not looking for drama and sparks, I was looking for understanding and respect. I don't think it really came out that way at all. I am wondering if it is the people they chose or if the show just sucks. I have a feeling this is going to be a bit long… So first of all the white woman is an idiot. Surburban white rich lady who wants to be friends with everyone and has no clue that what she is saying is wrong in any way whatsoever. ("You beautiful black creature.") So she says these things that are wrong and it gets blown up. However it gets blown up by the black mom, who pretty much has her ears closed to anything and is perpetually thinking that the white mom hates her becuas she is black and is so clever with her slick racist comments that are jabs to thier race, when in my opinion the white mom is just dumb. So the black mom doesn't explain to her why she had just blown up, she just blows up. The general cycle that goes on is this. White mom dad attempt to understand black culture and black family do not help them understand, just bitch about how white people are blind to it and are racist and can not beleive how racist they are. Everyone is really shut off to everyone else, no one is trying to help anyone else understand the differences, and no one is saying, that is why this is "racist" to me, all it is, is people fighting over event and not explaining why they are mad. One thing I did notice about the black family, is that they were in complete disbelief that the white people of the world are not out to get them every minute of the day, there was a statement by the black dad when he was dressed up as a white man that they were going to the bar to talk to white poeple and he expected to hear a lot of racist comments. Of course there were none, becuase at least in my world no one is doign that. I found it odd, do people of other races think that white people are just perpetually goign were gonna put the black folks down, every time they are not around? I thought that was really odd, and wasn't sure again if it was just the family they chose or thats just how it is. The white dad and black dad seem to fight becuase the white dad, dressed up as a black man has not seen any racism yet, and the black man is saying hes just blind to it. They didnt show anything happening to the white dad (dressed up as black) so I don't see how he would think there was. It all was just a lot of huffing and puffing without too much growth or anything really worth a damn. I would probably just skip it.

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