TV Round Up!!!!

Man there has just been a huge amount of TV in the last couple of weeks, I guess the mid-season adjustments are upon us, and what does that mean. MORE CRAP! But there might be some stuff in there that might be worth watching.

  • The New Adventures of Old Christine

I am not going to lie to you, I was in love with Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, she was good looking, funny, evil, and insane, I really enjoyed her character. So now I am pretty much in love with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Did you all know that she is the daughter of a Billionaire? So funny AND rich AND was on SNL. I mean what isn't there to love? I will tell you what there isn't there to love. Her new show, which we actually turned off after 15 minutes. I know, I am against doing that, and never would during a movie, but this is TV and I have very little time to watch shows, so if you suck, you are getting cut. I just didn't feel it was funny, and the character of Old Christine, was not something that was going to appeal to me. Not sexy, not terribly funny, not slutty, just an old spinster story, that really didn't hit the nail on the head at all. And it had an obnoxious laugh track. 00001dwd

  • The Loop

Fox is trying out this new 18-25er market, and they seem to be pretty solid with it. The show is a little jokey but overall I feel office comedies with a good selection of characters should do well, and it does well. Not amazing, but not terrible. I think it will really hit on the target demographic, and could really carry the after American Idol groups. The stoner or transition from college to real world crowd could really get into this show if they can pull it off and not be too silly with the combo of his home life and his work life. I would be willing to let this one grow and see how it goes. 00003ayd

  • Free Ride

Another of the fox youth market shows, on after Family Guy after America Dad got cut. I do not know why on earth it did, it was quite solid and better than Free Ride. Thankfully though Free Ride doesn't suck completely. It uses that new shooting style kind of like a fake ad libbed show. Like the Sierra mist commercials, and some other new formats. Some might even call it Altmanesque, with the talking over the other people. The show is a little weird, with some odd characters, but after a couple episodes I am shocked to say it's kinda working, especially the kid's parents, who are comedy gold. Of all the new shows coming out, I think this one is the best one I have seen yet. I know I can not believe it either. (I have not seen Son's and Daughters however) 000043hh


Other fun news. I was watching the first episode of Angel (were watching Buffy season 4 and Angel season 1 as they appeared on TV) and there was a vampire that angel kills. He came from the pool table ordered a drink, he leaned over the bar, and then I loled. Libertie goes what? And I say that's Sawyer. Josh Holloway from LOST was the first vampire that appeared in Angel. Other fun appearances by Mr. Holloway was the Thief in the Cryin' music video by Aerosmith, and a supposedly horrible movie called Sabretooth I have more reviews to write for TV, but this is all for now.

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