Grizzly Man

Rated: R Running Time: 103 minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Someone should have listened to Stephen Colbert. Grizzly Man is a documentary from Werner Herzog, but most of the footage, is shot by the main character of the film. Timothy Treadwell, the Grizzly Man. Werner Herzog is an acclaimed director, who touches on many different subjects, but seems to have a solid focus on the asskicking of man by nature, when man encroaches on her, and doesn't acknowledge that she can bitch slap you into a pancake at any time. The doc, is about a man who lived amongst the Kodiak Grizzly Bears of Alaska for 13 summers. For the last 5 of those years, he filmed himself out in the wild. The documentary is about the man himself, and the footage he took. The life he lived, and the people that knew him. The bears that he knew and trusted and the foxes that be-friended him. His fights for the bears, and against the evils that he thought were out there against him and the animals he cared so much for. The documentary was more real than many that you will ever experience, because a lot of the footage was shot like an inner monologue. It was shot by Timothy, and to edit for the future, with footage being cut out for no one to ever see. This led to a much darker display of a man that what he would have ever shown to other people. The truth and feeling was electric and real, it showed this man where he wanted to live and die, and all sides of a person who wants to live amongst the animals. He is far more real that the other footage shot by Herzog for this documentary, like his friends and doctors, who were acting and seemed like silly additions to this sad story. The movie is probably not for everyone, and I think has a lot of hidden demons, and scary scenes about this man. Not outwardly scary, but those internal places you probably don't want to go. Especially if that person is disturbed. I thought the movie itself was a bit humorous and sad. I wouldn't say amazing, but I wouldn't say terrible either. Right down the middle with this one.

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