Season is over

Or it is going to be in the next week or so. Survivor ended last night, and that is the last episode of it I am going to watch, we are giving up on Survivor and American Idol after this season. It took up too much time. We are keeping The Amazing Race and LOST, Family Guy, My name is Earl, Adult Swim and SNL. I have watched Survivor since the first season, I thought it was an amazing show, and I still think it is a really good show, but it seems to be a lot of the same thing now, and I am not surprised or shocked or entertained by it any longer. We are moving on so that we have time for more movies, American Idol took up a lot of time. After our two favorites have been voted out by America, I have decided that American Idol isn't a good show, and it also goes back to my general dislike of music. However I did like seeing them work with artists. I just really don't like pop music really any longer and it didn't have anything for me when the people I considered the good ones get voted out for people I did not consider good. So good bye Mr Jeff Probst of Survivor, your ability to look manly in a pair of tevas always lifted my spirits. I hope your show stays strong and you have many more great seasons. American Idol, I just don't really have much to say to you. The Reviewer Out.

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