Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 135 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Whaaaaa I have AIDS, I can't pay rent. In the most disappointing film so far this year comes the film version of the huge 1996 Broadway hit, Rent. 1 Year after I graduated high school, coming off the high of being a great stage manager for many plays throughout my high school career, the thought or Rent was huge to me. Young, hip, new, exciting, edgy, everything we thought of when we were doing Steel Magnolias and hoping for something new and hot. I never got to see Rent, I don't live in NY and over time have gone to dislike the city quite a bit. So I never saw Rent, then I heard it was coming to the screen and I was re-peaked with the excitement of 10 years ago. I never made it to the theater however, and finally rented it. Maybe Broadway isn't for me. I would not say that the movie wasn't bad in any way as far as musical's go. It was no Chicago or Mulan Rouge, but it was solidly put together. The sets, and cast, scenes and even some of the songs were ok. It was all right as far as any of that stuff goes. I am trying to think of something especially cool, I did like the song in the Restaurant. So I guess keep an eye out for that one. The actor's who were mostly from the original cast 10 years ago were fine. Nothing amazing, but nothing terrible either. It was all just ok. My problem was the story, this story, that has been critically acclaimed for all these years. Tony awards, Pulitzer's and a movie made 10 years later. Nothing but good praise, and something that was in my head as something powerful, or life changing, was nothing more than a bunch of whiny lazy motherfuckers who don't pay any rent and do not contribute to society in anyway. We are supposed to feel sorry for you because you were addicted to Heroin and got AIDS, and now that you have AIDS all you do is sit around all day and try to write 1 song. And have not paid rent in a year? Fuck you! Get you a job you lazy fucks. You are not sick yet. The whole story was about these people and I guess their struggle in life. Yes, I am sure it is tough to live your life knowing you are going to die, but not everyone had AIDS, and they didn't contribute to anything in the world at all. FUCK FUCK FUCK! It was like entitlement bullshit that is so prevalent with people today, you are entitled to jack shit, get a fucking job and earn your way you lazy lie about! No songs, no movies, no art, get a real job, when you make money then you can write your song that no one is going to buy. I don't care what your problem is. Don't be fucking dumb next time and maybe you won't be dying now do you have my rent money? No, then get the fuck out! How is this type of attitude or behavior worth praise and awards? Because they have AIDS. Contribute to society, then you get praise. I would not even rent this crap. //” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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