The MTV Movie Awards

I have no idea why I am writing about this. It seems like such a lackluster event, because I know who won, today, but the show isn't actually on until Thursday? Why is it even on a Thursday. So now everything is ruined, when I was a little less into the movie scene than I am now, I mean now OMG I am sooo into it, I mean I even got rejected as an actual critic. So like you know, WAYYY into the scene. Anyway, when I was less into the scene, I would watch the MTV movie awards and they were fun and I was surprised by the winners, when it was on TV. OMG Jim Carrey won! I can't believe it! Squeel!!!! But now, I know who won, and I have to say do I even give a flying fuck. It is…June, 5th, 2006, and we are getting awards for the 2005 movie season, movies on the list include Episode 3. Was Episode 3 even from last year? It seems like so long ago, I guess it aged me. Fuck you George Lucas, just Fuck You. Other nominees include King Kong, Wedding Crashers, Sin City, Batman Begins, which I saw the batmobile at E3 2005. It was just what seems like a forgettable year ago. Why are we rehashing it out now, 6 months later. Those fucking lazy ass bastards at MTV can't do anything on time. Fucking slackers. So I was going to write about the winners, but now that I am typing away, I guess I will wait until Friday, because I am a whore, and am being used. I will probably watch it, because well supposedly Jessica Alba is doing movie sketches, which I think will be worth the watch, and forgoing the actual awards the show never seems to completely suck. So never mind, this whole entry is completely useless, except for the part where I called MTV fucking slackers, and told George to fuck off. Also I guess I can tell you that snakes on a plane will be out in 2 months and 13 days! I didn't see any new movies this weekend, so I didn't feel the need to write a review today. I will write one tomorrow on some DVD I have been lazy about. You can pick! The Pacifier Undead Out Of Time Pocohontas Match Point

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