Superman Returns

Rated: PG -13 Running Time: 154 minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: In a stunning turn of event's superman has returned and is not nearly as gay as you might have thought. I am not a superman guy, I am also not a comic guy. I never have been. I know some stories about some things, because I have nerd friends, but I have never read a comic from cover to cover and never ever purchased one. Superman, the comic, hero, has always been in my opinion kinda lame. I mean he's all super powered, but far too perfect. He didn't have a dark past. His suit was way lame compared to any one else, even aquaman, and I don't know he was just all right, not someone that peaked my interest. Superman the movie character, Mr Christophe Reeves, I liked, and felt he did a good job. I have never seen Superman 3 but I have seen 4. I liked the movies, but do not own them on DVD. I appreciate them, but never fell in love with them. Jump to Superman Returns. This is a sequel, not a remake as we have seen with everything else that has come out in the last 5 years. Superman leaves and comes back 5 years later. From there on, what can you say, it is just that a sequel. It is not a shitty sequel. It is worth watching, but outside of new dangers, and different lives of people, it is more of the same old thing. Repackaged with a new suit, some new special effects, and some new people. Like Cyclops, but not playing Cyclops. The new superman, as I wrote above is not nearly as gay as he has looked in the previews. Perhaps it is because it is 2006, but that suit, and those cheeks, make him look like a switch hitter. I think he did quite well to live up to the level of scrutiny he was going to have to pass. A must better casting that certain other large roles from that past, that had big black, space suit shoes to fill. He played a very good Clark Kent, and a just fine superman. Lib said, he was creepy to her, so all you ladies out there, might think he's a little creepy. I have written a lot but have not said too much, I think I am going to say it was good, and give it a 4, but I think you could actually rent this and not feel too bad, but it does have SOME good action sequences that could justify the box office ticket, but I would save your money and line up now for Pirates instead because everyone is saying that is the movie of the summer to see. //” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

  • superman returns was a good way to introduce the man of steel back to screens, however i cant get over the fact you would reccomnend people should have saved their money for pirates insted. bad call, pirates is a lump of **** which was way overhyped.

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