Grandma's Boy

Rated: R Running Time: 94 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: 1 Pair Quotes: Don't wake up my roommates. You mean your parents? So I was not going to watch this movie, because it looked dumb. But Liberties brother told me it was worth watching, so I added it to the queue, and so that it was not 2008 before I watched it, it got bumped up in the queue, and because it isn't long, it got watched over Munich. So that is the reason I even watched this movie in the first place. It is a movie about a Video Game tester, and his video game tester friends, and weed, and hot three ways, and stolen video game code and various other fun nerdy stuff. Overall the movie is as you expect it, stupid. However that doesn't mean it is actually a bad movie. The whole thing has got trashy humor and weed jokes and video games jokes. The characters however are quite good and make it worth the watch. It is a large wide group of horrible actors who have very good stereotypical roles set for them. It kinda pans out as funny in some parts. I would say that it is funny enough that some of you might enjoy it. Others however will think it is totally stupid, and a complete waste of time. So you are going to have to look at yourself and see if you will make it through this one. I have very little to say about it, I guess I wasn't disappointed. 3 stars.

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