Why are there still critics?

A few months ago I contacted the 2 advertising agencies that show films in Austin Texas to ask to be on the critics list. I said I have a small blog that 50 people read and it goes up every now and then. I would like to be able to watch movies before they come out and write reviews. For people that like movies, and want to know something about how I liked them. I was told no, that they do not add bloggers to their lists, because there are so many of them. However we allow the long winded off base critics in to every movie possible. For most movies in my town. The review that is written in the newspaper or the independent weekly, and what occurs in the box office, is about 80% completely off. The people that are in my life, pretty much take what is written in the Austin Chronicle and flip it. If they liked it, we usually do not, and if they hated it, we usually like it. And now we have the article Here. Joe Seigel walked out of Clerks II and was causing a ruckus when he did it. Why are we screening movies for critics anymore? Or at least conventional ones. I know the MPAA and the old misers in Hollywood want things to be the way they were, but what do I have in common with some old guy who hates everything I like? I have no need for his input, and I have no need for him to be going to these movies and writing things that are completely useless to me and my readers. People his age do not even go to the movies. They are not any target demographic. What do I or you all have in common with this guy? If this guy was my friend, father or coworker, I would not listen to his opinion on a movie, I mean if he told it to me I would hear what he said, but I would not take his recommendation and decide if I was going to see a movie based on that. Why are we rejecting the people that are the target demographic for this movie, for people like this guy, and the reviewers in our town, who are out of touch with what real people think about movies. We are fast on the internet, we want short reviews, that tell us if it was good or not, without a 2 page recap of the movie, and a bunch of huffing and puffing with big words and cute puns. It's old and tired, and it is time to move on.

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