Clerks II

[ CLERKS 2 POSTER ] Rated: R Running Time: 97 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Kevin's wife's through her see through bra. One Sentence: Fuck Joe Seigel. I was worried. I saw Jersey Girl. I hated Jersey Girl. It was a pile of suck. Dirty ugly suck. I thought maybe the tubby bitch had gone soft. Lost his touch. Forgot where he came from. Was making a sequel because he had run out of steam. However I knew better, those thoughts were short lived, and only really written because I needed something to cause there to be mystery and understanding with my review. To show that I am a well rounded viewer, and not blind to anything Kevin does as solid gold. That my opinion is valid? Actually no, my opinion is anything but valid. But I write anyway, more to amuse myself than anyone else I am sure, and today we review Clerks II. Formerly Passion of the Clerks. I like the new name much better. So we are back where we started about ten years later. Kevin has lost some weight, I have gained some weight and one of us had a kid. I am the one without the kid. Does a second trip down the clerks aisles show as good as the old black and white darling of 1995? I would say a solid yes and no. Helpful I am sure. No, because it wasn't exactly new. Actually I think it was quite old hat. Almost exactly the format for clerks 1. Funny situations, intelligent conversations about movies, nerd shit, and vulgar situations. Yes, because it was old hat, but still god damn funny. The humor is really there throughout the movie, and really runs the gammit of anal sex to transformers. It keeps up solidly, and I think he really let himself go with this flick. He seemed to have very little restriction from anyone above him. It was let loose and it worked well I think. The acting, situations, Jay and Bob, and the ending all seemed to work for me. I had a good time with it, wasn't disappointed, and think that any Kevin Smith fan would have a great time watching this for sure. I think that most of you however do not need to go see it in the theater. Anyone that was going to go already did go. And the movie showed up in 6th place for the weekend, below Little Man. However it still made a lot for it's 5 million budget. So they are doing well there. If you were wanting to go see it in the theater and were looking for the green light, I say go for it. You will not be disappointed.

  • i loved the first and loved this one just as much both really funny movies.

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