Dratch and Tina I will miss you, see you soon!

I don't write a lot about TV. But I am today. I have since about 2002? Maybe 2001, I don't quite remember anymore, started watching SNL every Saturday. I fell in love with the show, and now I would say that it is my favorite show on TV. I think it is smart, funny, worth watching always, and I really like celebrities trying their hand at something other than what they normally do. I have seen baseball players in dresses, Eva Longoria talking about regularity, and Donald Trump in a chicken suit. Along with tons of other things. I recently got a cast autograph with most of the current cast on it. So since that time that I started really watching the show, Tina Fey has been head writer and Rachel Dratch has been on the show. I find all the women currently on SNL to be hilarious, and they really help make the show. Today I read this article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060722/ap_en_tv/people_fey Tiny and Dratch are leaving SNL to be on a new show called 30 Rock. Which is a prime time show this coming season. It makes me very sad to see them both go. I hope that Seth can carry Tina's torch. I am sure he will do fine. However with Tina and Rachel both moving to a new prime time show, it can only mean good things for this new show 30 Rock. I hope they let Tina go with her ideas, and that it will be as funny as she and the rest of the cast is on SNL.

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