My Super Ex-Girlfriend

[ MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND POSTER ] Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 95 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Let us not forget that Ivan Reitman directed Stripes and Meatballs. I think many other people were as reluctant as me to go watch this movie. How it came to be that I saw this instead of Lady In The Water, I am not totally sure. However if I had known the full cast before I saw the movie, I would not have even batted an eye at going to see it in the theater over Night's next possible fuck up. Who you know is in it, Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman. Who you do not know who is in it. Eddie Izzard, Awesome. And Anna Faris, who is on a very short list of totally awesome Hollywood girls that I really think are cute and funny, and will see pretty much anything with them in it. (The others are Parker Posey and Zooey Deschaniel) So right at the beginning of the movie I am kinda happy because of who is in it, and in the first few minutes I see that they did spend the full cash money on the CG effects. Which is nice for a comedy. I like it when they don't skimp on that because it isn't a action flick. The CG was clean, and looked good. So we are doing really well here. Could it be this movie, is not totally suck. I guess it can, because the movie also was pretty fucking funny. It was pop, I am not going to lie to you. This is total pop movie crap. But it is good pop crap and totally worth the rental or a date with the lady/boy. I had an excellent time with the movie from start to ending. Uma was awesome. Luke was totally awkward, and very well played. Eddie Izzard was not as amazing as I expected him to be, but fun, none the less, and Anna, she pretty much can do no wrong in my book. And Rainn Wilson from The Office, was really funny too. The cast was really great. So this whole movie was expectingly good. It felt like a funny super-hero comic book movie, that did all the right things in the right places, so that guys would have a good time, girls would have a good time, and it would have a little romantic twist in it, to really sell it to everyone on the market. Sadly it did 7th place below Clerks II. (Both should have been higher) I think the marketing on this one didn't work for the movie, because really the movie, is totally worth the watch, add it to the queue.

  • was impressed by the cgi in this movie, wasnt expecting to like this movie but it was enjoyable.

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