The Libertine

[ LIBERTINE POSTER ] Rated: R Running Time: 130 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Quite a lot One Sentence: He ain't no Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp, started his career in Nightmare on Elm Street part 1. He played Nancy's boyfriend, and was killed while falling asleep watching movies, and listening to music on his headphones. He was sucked into his bed, and then the bed vomited gallons of his blood onto the ceiling of his room, and then his mom walked in, seeing the sight started screaming. Never would you have expected then, that he would ever become the actor he did. And never would have thought of him playing this part in The Libertine. The second Earl of Rochester, a poet, drunk, womanizer, and personal friend to the king of England. The tortured man lives his life without a care of others, or a care for himself. The movie is dark, and not an upbeat in anyway. They seem to show no restraint of language, sexual behavior, or the downward spiral of the life that was led. In short it is not a nice film. However the movie seems to be quite alluring the dialog, and surprub acting, drive the film through the scenes and keep you watching, in what would otherwise be a sort of boring movie. The character is not particularly likable, but with Johnny Depp driving it, it somehow captures you and keeps you from thinking them movie is over 2 hours long. The movie mostly lit with candlelight, to give it a real feel is completely dark and green. High levels on grain are on the film from the lack of light and noise that the camera must balance with. However the lighting does not feel awkward or out of place. The sets and costumes are all there. Attention to detail and language all seem to be executed with skill and knowledge of the past. It was just all put together well. However with the good things I have to say, and the rating it will get. I do not necessarily want to recommend it as one to add to the queue. While a good film, it is not a nice film. Dark, disgusting, vile, and very depressing, it is defiantly not for everyone, and I want to make sure you are aware, that this movie, while not the most depressing piece of film ever shot. Is not for everyone. //” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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