A Scanner Darkly

[ SCANNER DARKLY POSTER ] Rated: R Running Time: 100 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: 2 pairs One Sentence: I could never write the drug experience into a medium that someone else could understand. There are certain people who seem to be able to explain the drug experience. I never have been able to do that. If you had me try to make a scene I would say, um…bla, bubbles, fuzzy teddy bears, and a couple of gatoraides. I just do not have the ability to visually represent or write dialog that really represents what I think is the experience of a drug induced state. I think most people can not. Or most people have not experienced it. That is why we see horrible representations of what people on drugs look, and act like. There are also people who I think know what the state is like and can write for that state. I think the movie Waking Life is one of these movies, that is written for the drug induced state. Scanner, is more like a tell all tale, and a warning to the watcher. More on lines with something like Fear and Loathing, with a much less funny spin. I think the idea, and the cast, and art, was an excellent idea. You have Robert, and Woody, who we all know are heavy drug users, or were. Then Linklater, who is pretty much in a drug induced state all the time. And you have the Rotoscoping art which makes the whole experience just feel fuzzy. I am not sure about Keanu or Winona but I assume they were all fucked up throughout most of the movie. So we have this huge drug induced idea, from the original writings of Phillip K Dick. To the cast and art. What we receive is a very candid look at those on drugs, in the "near" future. The lives they live, the world around them, and the confusion and downfall that those drugs cause. This look was very real, very pure, and extremly well done. Personally in my opinion the best film representation of people on drugs, that I have ever seen. (not counting when people are actually on drugs) However saying all that, was the movie even worth it. Phillip K. Dick wrote, Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, Impostor, and Paycheck. This list is highly acclaimed. Very few book writers have this depth in film. The style of these movies we all know. Scanner, might fit into this group of films, but it also might not. The heavy, and I mean heavy drug content of this film, will leave those looking for a true sci-fi dickesque (hehe) movie, wondering what the fuck they just watched. I think leaving most people in the dark with what is really going on here, which is mostly a big paranoid drug trip, with a story behind it. Most people are not drug users anymore, and even more have never gone past some weed in the garage. What is presented in Scanner might present a deep space that people never go into, and because of that will be left thinking this movie is a complete waste of time, and not the good at all. I am met half way with it. I enjoyed it for what it was, and how it was executed, but I thought it was a little too slow, deep into the drug thing without much else behind it. I am not going to give you a recommendation on this one. I think you need to make that choice yourself. //pics.livejournal.com/the_reviews/pic/00003ayd” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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