DVD round up.

I have decided instead of writing up full reviews for some movies, that were really not worth mentioning one way or the other I would give you the middle of the road round up. These are DVD's I have watched recently, but were not really worth a write up one way or the other, at least not a dedicated one. So I will be writing a little short and sweet round up for you here. Undead. This was some Zombie/Alien low budget movie. It was ok. Kind of weird, and kind of funny in some parts. Overall however it really wasn't that good and really not worth the rental at all. Unless you are Australian I do not think you need to rent this one. Out Of Time This movie was better than I thought it was going to be. It was kind of tense, pretty well put together for a predictable thriller. I think it is worth the rental if you were on the fence with this one. But nothing that will blow you out of the water or anything like that. Match Point I hate Jonathan Ryes Meyers, I don't like his face. This movie is not a comedy. It is more like a dark romance. Scarlett was hot in it, getting all slutty sometimes, but she didn't take it off, and in the end it was kinda just a downer, and not good enough to warrant a recommendation. I would vote to skip it. Tart This was rented by the GF. It was supposed to be hot, I think the idea was kind of like Cruel Intentions. Well the pic above was about the hottest scene in the movie. It was slow and boring and not sexy at all. It was totally a waste of our time. I would defiantly not rent this one.

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