Vote for Colbert

Please vote for Stephen Colbert to be named after a bridge in Hungary. Here are the steps.

To vote, go here-

Walk-through of the voting process:

  • If you can actually get through to this page, do an “Edit – Find(on this page)” for “Colbert” and it should take you straight to his nomination.
  • Make sure you have found the nomination for Stephen Colbert híd. Vote for Stephen by clicking on the little round button next to his name.
  • Then go to the bottom of the web page and click the “Elküld” button (the square one at the bottom of the page), and your vote will be submitted.
  • If you can click the round button by his name, and click on the “Elküld”button at the bottom of the page, your vote should count. You will seethe number of votes tallied once your vote has been submitted.

Vote often because as Stephen Colbert says, “Carpel Tunnel is a small price to pay to give this gift to the Hungarian people.”

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