Inside Man

Rated: R Running Time: 129 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Not as good as 25th hour. I hated Summer of Sam. I hated everything about it. It was angry, repressed backward mob mentality thinking, and was also sweaty, and dirty. Just made me feel gross all over like I needed a shower. After Summer, I was not really interested in another Spike Lee movie. Then I somehow saw 25th hour and loved it. Thought it was a wonderful movie and my faith was renewed. I wanted to watch Inside Man, since I saw the preview, but didn't get around to seeing it in the theater. I didn't even know it was a Spike Lee movie until I got it at the house. Bank movies are cool, heist movies. I like them. So we got Clive, and Denzel, in a bank heist movie, directed by a guy who I came out as liking after a single fuck up. It all sounds like a good combo to me. It was pretty much. The movie was almost all heist however. It didn't grow any characters, so you didn't care about any characters. Luckily the content seemed to keep it going enough that I didn't need to know much about anyone in the movie. I just felt like I didn't know who to like and who not to. I would say that the movie was a bit on the slow side. I got enough geek out heist stuff to keep me entertained, but I think that for some it might be a little thin on excitement or complexity. They also had this weird part for Jodie Foster, which was a bit out in left field. It really seemed kind of like a forced part, that if you left out of the movie, you would not even have missed her. However I think that Spike likes to bring in lots of different types of people and show them interacting with each other. So I expect that is why she was there. It was a 4 but a light 4 pushing 3, because it was a bit slow. But it had enough of that cool bank heist feel to carry it, and keep it at the 4. I would add it to the queue. I don't think many will have a bad time with it.

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