DVD round up!

Ultraviolet This looked like crap. Libertie loves Mila though, so we pretty much watch everything with her in it, and she always gets naked so that is awesome. However, this movie, was in fact crap. The whole movie was shot in front of a green screen, and just looked crappy. The plot was way weak too. And Mila didn't even get naked. Waste, I would not rent it. No Good Deed Now remember when I just said we have to watch everything with Mila in it. Well here is another. This one also has Samuel L Jackson in it. It was a Sam Jackson snakes on a plane week. I guess. Anyway, I had never heard of this movie, how could a movie made in 2002 with both Sam and Mila never get mentioned. Well I guess because it is a pile of crap. This movie was just boring, and not well put together. Mila got naked for a second in it. But overall not worth the rental. Benchwarmers I am a supporter of Happy Madison productions. Even the ones with Rob instead of Adam. This one was not terrible. Very jokey, and pretty much what you all would expect from a these guys. That weird type of humor along with an underdog story, that follow most every other movie these guys put out. I would not say run out and rent it, but if you wanted to see it, then you won't be mad at yourself for renting it. RV Is it terrible to say that I think Jojo did a good job in this? The whole cast was excellent. The movie itself was pretty much a 3. But I think the group of actors they got really were excellent. Everyone did a great job all in their own ways. While I think the situations were mildly humorus. The actors did the best they could with the mildly funny lines, and predictable plot. It is still getting a 3, but I had a fun time with it. Munich Quite good. However slow, in a slutry dark sadistic sort of way. Barbosa was awesome in it. I have this thing about the Hulk, I do not like him, and this movie did not remedy that feeling. But the part was so low key, that my dislike for him didn't really effect me watching him or the movie. This was the first time I got to look at the new James Bond in action too, and while I liked his acting just fine, I do not think he looks the part of James Bond. I think the movie was well worth the watch and I have very few complaints about it. However I do not think most would enjoy it, or have a need to see it. You would not miss this one if you never saw it.

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