Dirty Love


Rated: R

Running Time: 91 Minutes

Year: 2005

Boobs: Jenny's

One Sentence: This might be too deep into the deep dark world of woman.

Jenny, oh Jenny. She is hot, and not just in a hot way, but in a cool as fuck way too. She has always seemed that way, way back since we first saw her on Singled Out, yea, you remember that shit. Just am awesome girl, with big tits, that got naked and was funny. She got married, had a kid, went away for a while and then wrote a movie. This is that movie. Critically destroyed, Dirty Love was on many many worst of 2005 lists. I think I have seen it also listed as worst movie ever made. You are not going to hear such nonesence from me…maybe. One thing that I think many people do not know is that this is pretty much a dark view into the psycho psyche of females. I think that might be a little too much for most men. This movie is in your face with the menstrual blood dripping across the floor, and well, when you think of Jenny, you do not think of bleeding crotches. Poorly acted, completely rediciouls and over done, it is not really a romantic comedy, it isn't really a comedy, it is mostly a movie made by a crazy chick for crazy chicks, that some might consider funny. I personally thought it was mildly funny, and a little disturbing, but I have also been told I am quite empathetic to the female's, so that might be where I can dig this. However if you really want to see some greatness, you have to rent this movie for Carmen Electra, she is the one in the movie that looks like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, with better eyes. She did the most awesome kick ass job, and so was worth the watch. Jenny shows her boobies once as well. Besides that, it is ok funny, pretty crazy, poorly written, slightly cute, and mostly ok to fucked up in some parts. The recommendation is different from the rating. Because I kind of dug it, but I would not 100% recommend it to anyone. I might not even say I ever even saw it. But I know Leslie is reccomending it to everyone so rent it.

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