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Talladega Nights

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 105 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Will Farrell as a Nascar driver. I am so not in a writing mood. But I have a bunch of unreviewed movies, and I have not written this week, and I could use this time to kill some time. So yea. Will Farrell […]

Blanks on a Blank

The alamo drafthouse was having a short film contest inspired by Snakes on a Plane. It is called Blanks on a Blank. They are stupid but some are pretty good. I enjoyed Sloths on a Tank. I have not watched them all yet, but figured you all would like to check them out.

DVD round up.

I have decided instead of writing up full reviews for some movies, that were really not worth mentioning one way or the other I would give you the middle of the road round up. These are DVD's I have watched recently, but were not really worth a write up one way or the other, at […]

The Descent

Rated: R Running Time: 99 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: I would never go do that cave shit. I am pretty much a pussy. I don't like to jump off of things, I don't like to get hurt, I don't really like heights, and I sure as fuck do not like the idea […]

A Scanner Darkly

Rated: R Running Time: 100 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: 2 pairs One Sentence: I could never write the drug experience into a medium that someone else could understand. There are certain people who seem to be able to explain the drug experience. I never have been able to do that. If you had me try […]

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