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Rated: R Running Time: 126 minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Superman is dead! I am forcing this review out of me. Usually what that means is that there is nothing really great or shitty about the movie I am writing a review for. If I have nothing to say, it is about as […]

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

Channel: NBC Time: Monday 10PM/9central So NBC got an idea this season. How about we have 3 different shows about the same thing. First is SNL. Which we all know. It has been on for almost 30 years. Second is 30 rock to premiere in 3 weeks. It is a sitcom about the back stage […]

Scary Movie 4

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 91 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Lib said she saw 1 nip but I didn't see it. One Sentence: Better than scary movie 3. Scary Movie 1 is great. Scary movie 2 was pretty ok. 3 sucked very badly. I expected 4 to be equally as bad, but I decided to rent […]


Rated: R Running Time: 90 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: This is only 500 years in the future not 1000 like many reports have claimed. What you haven't heard about this movie? You didn't go see it yourself this weekend? Even if you wanted to go see it you could not because it […]

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