Rated: R Running Time: 90 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: This is only 500 years in the future not 1000 like many reports have claimed. What you haven't heard about this movie? You didn't go see it yourself this weekend? Even if you wanted to go see it you could not because it was only in a few cities and yours is not on the list? Idiocracy is the new Mike Judge movie. It was made about a year ago, and has since been delayed, rejected to be released, and anything else possible to keep it from being on screen. Finally I think Fox gave Mike Judge the ability to release it himself. With no marketing budget. It was released in something like 12 cities. Austin was of course one of those cities. Usually I do not write a summary of the movie, but since no one would know what this is about I am going to. It is about the future and that 500 years in the future, everyone is such an idiot that someone that was frozen from the year 2005. A normal guy. Gets unfrozen and is the smartest man in the world. The movie is funny, just about as funny as it sounds. Something like a slightly political twist and a lot of stupid people. However the movie is not filled with too many jokes about butts. Just enough to make you cry at your children's future. I would say that the movie made me laugh, but I didn't find it to be pure genius like I did with Office Space. However the reviews from others seem to show a different statement with an overwhelming love for this one equal or better than Office Space. I think it is totally rentable, and will probably do well with the same crowd that made Office Space a DVD hit. I am not going to say that you should go see this in the theater if you have it available. I think most that watch this will have a good time with it. However I am gonna have to say don't go out of your way to see it.

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