Scary Movie 4

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 91 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Lib said she saw 1 nip but I didn't see it. One Sentence: Better than scary movie 3. Scary Movie 1 is great. Scary movie 2 was pretty ok. 3 sucked very badly. I expected 4 to be equally as bad, but I decided to rent it anyway. I think because I am punishing myself for previous indiscretions. I also cut myself sometimes, and clip a car battery to my balls once a month or so, but let's not get into that here. Another reason why I would watch this is because of Anna. She is one of my must watch girls, which I have mentioned before. The other 2 are Zooey and Parker. So we have all these things, that push me toward watching this movie that I expect to be horrible. Happily I get to report that the movie was not a complete and total shitbox. I don't know where they got the money, I guess the franchise is pretty powerful because they are now making Scary Movie 5, but they spent a lot on CG and sets. The sets were amazing, some of them I thought were the sets from the movies they were spoofing. According to what I read however they were just copied sets, and were not the actual sets. The movies and sets that were awesome, were The Grudge house, War of the Worlds houses, Saw room and the Village. Also the tri-pod ships were awesome looking. Not as good as War of the worlds, but better than anything you would expect from this level of movie. I was impressed with this part of the movie's attention to detail, it really helped. Also costumes were identical and characters, looked like the spoofed. Good stuff. Surprisingly the movie also was pretty funny. There were a few things that I thought were not necessary. Like fart and poop jokes, I do not get why those are still done. Do people think these are funny? I don't personally but I am sure someone does. So there were those which I could do without. But the script that tied in all these different movies, wrapped up pretty good and the humor was ok to sometimes LOL funny. It also had a solid cast. Brought back Anna, who also is doing 5. Anthony Anderson, Leslie Nealson, Shaq and Dr. Phil. The Dr. Phil and Shaq scene I thought was pretty funny. Chris Elliot, Carmen Electra, Michael Madsen and Bill Pullman. I think if you like the others, you will like this one enough to rent it.

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