Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

Channel: NBC Time: Monday 10PM/9central So NBC got an idea this season. How about we have 3 different shows about the same thing. First is SNL. Which we all know. It has been on for almost 30 years. Second is 30 rock to premiere in 3 weeks. It is a sitcom about the back stage makings of a comedy show (I believe it is a sketch comedy show) And then Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. A drama, about the backstage workings of a sketch comedy show. However this idea might work, because I am planning on watching all of them. 60 is the newest baby of Aaron Sorkin, who some will know from The West Wing, or for more of the fanboys out there, Sport's Night. The smart behind the scenes of a sport's show, show. Wait…i'm confused…. Anyway, 60 so far seems to be everything I expected it to be, and maybe a little more. And because it is everything I expected it to be, I expect it to be canceled by next season. The show is quite good. Much like sport's night was quite good. At least the first episode was. However the format is exactly the same as Sport's night. Fast talking, mostly unlikable characters, with some sprinkles of good times. However overall it's a dark look behind the scenes and destroys the magic that is made every night on TV. People overall do not want to see this. The base doesn't. I do, but I am a dork like that. It's too quick, too witty, too dry, and there are not enough murders to get people excited about it, to tune in every week. Without a comedy hook, you really do not have much there to keep people watching this show. Nothing on TV is really like this. Nothing anyone is talking about. Housewives, funny/hot/sexy. Lost Sci-fi. West Wing/Political tense. 24/Action. This show doesn't have anything like that, it's just smart. Smart doesn't make it. So while the critics are saying great show, must see, and all the things that you are hearing. I really don't think the show has a chance. Which is sad, because I am agreeing with the critics, good show, must see, and watch it. But don't get attached to it, because it's not going to be around for long.

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