Rated: R Running Time: 126 minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Superman is dead! I am forcing this review out of me. Usually what that means is that there is nothing really great or shitty about the movie I am writing a review for. If I have nothing to say, it is about as middle of the road as you can get. This is pretty much what I felt about Hollywoodland. A 1950's LA confidential look at the life and death of TV's Superman. George Reeves, played by Affleck. Huge solid cast, wonderful acting all around, and a story, that could be interesting. And I say mediocre. I just didn't like it that much, I mean for what it was supposed to be or what I felt it was supposed to be. It had nothing wrong with it and probably is quite a good movie. It just didn't move me. It was slow and mild, with a hint of Noir, but just sat there most of the time telling the story. About a dick. About a drunk asshole. They tried to make it about something else. However in the end it just seemed to be about a drunk asshole, and didn't really have much to him. There is nothing wrong with this movie at all. Libertie said she liked it. I think it was ok. I just can't find much to talk about with it.

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