Final Destination 3

Rated: R Running Time: 93 minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Two Pairs One Sentence: It's like Final Destination 1 and 2, except with a Roller Coaster. When you get to part 3 of a series, you better have something new for it. Otherwise, it's just not really that interesting. Even with the Final Destination series, I mean how far can a collection of Rube Goldberg killing scenes carry you? Sadly there was not anything new in this one. This one even decided to get rid of that pesky tangible death and just went with it as more of a presence, and feeling. They didn't try to build the story together anymore and just assumed you saw the other two, with a small and unimportant reference to them. There is nothing wrong with this movie, as far as what you would expect to get out of a teen death movie. Especially if you have seen any of the other 2 FDs. You don't even have to have seen the other 2 to watch this one. The lead in scene is with a roller coaster. These opening scene is what made the last 2 Final Destinations. In this one, it seems to be the least realistic of them all, however, not completely out of the question. A bit of a stretch, but put together well enough to give you a thought back to it the next time you get on a coaster. The other deaths were ok as well, it was like everything about 1 and 2 just a little bit weaker and a little bit less interesting. Almost exactly what you would expect from the third in a series. No super hot girls, no new twists, no new anything. 2 girls topless, which is new for the series. Got to bring in something fresh I guess. Oh and the CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!!! A feature on the DVD where they shot the movie with the DVD in mind. You can select choices and see where it takes you. You can end the movie in a little under 10 minutes. Almost makes it worth it. Rent it maybe, play with the choose your own adventure thing and have fun with the death scenes, but don't go looking for anything more than just that. Because there is nothing else there.

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