Brokeback Mountain

Rated: R Running Time: 134 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Two pairs One Sentence: There is this one scene with some man spit as lubrication. I have been avoiding Brokeback. Not because of the gayness, but because it is about a gay relationship. It has very little I can empathize and associate with. Also it looked kind of boring to me. Sheep herders, and cowboys fall in love in Wyoming. Do I really have anything in common with this movie. After seeing it, no not really. Did I like it? I guess so. I mean it was fine. A movie about 2 sheep herding cowboys that fall in love and how that life lasts over 20+ years. It is slow, yet interesting, yet slow, yet politically charged that could mean many things, yet I don't care about those things. Yes the movie is good. But it isn't good enough to say you must go see it. With the subject matter and the slowness I can not even recommend this movie. I hate to say don't watch it, so I am not going to but I am not going to saw watch it either. This movie is a repressed, sad, violent love story and it just is not powerful enough to warrant a recommendation, however because it is an important film those who feel that the subject might be of interest to them will be happy they rented it. I would not say best movie of the year. But I still think V for Vendetta is the best film of the year, so I am coming from a different place.

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